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Why All You Need to Heal Could Be Ergonomic Standing Desk

Sitting all day is widely considered a privilege and a preserve for the educated folks. There is this unwritten rule that students study hard so that in future they will get white-collar jobs and will not have to sweat much to make a living.

All they will do is sit in a nice office, make phone calls, sign documents and work on the computer all day. As one witty writer once pointed out, a big man loves to sit down and get big.

You do not wish to be a factory worker, who bends a lot, lifts objects and walk up and down until the end of the shift.

Working while seated is a luxury but, unknown to many, it is also a health hazard. Sitting most of the time is as harmful as smoking! How many hours do you spend seated in a day?

There is too much sitting going on. You sit in the matatu or car on your way to work, you sit while at work, you sit at tea or lunch breaks, you sit in the meetings, in the church, in the hotel, at the funeral service, in the toilet, in your living room while watching TV.

The Health Risks Associated with Sitting for Long

For that reason, this generation has the highest cases of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and many other complications associated with lack of exercise. Sitting in the office all day working on the computer leads to a disorder called Carpal Tunnel.

It is a numbing and severe pain experienced on your hand. It is caused by continuous compression of the median nerve in the wrist and repetitive bending of the wrist while typing in the same sitting position all day.

Another disorder that comes with too much sitting is spinal cord pain. Compression in the neck from badly aligned cervical vertebrates puts pressure on the nerves resulting to radiating pain with a resultant feeling of numbness in your fingers

Ergonomic Standing Desk to the Rescue

The answer to many of these complications has been found in Ergonomic Standing Desk. Now, the opposite of working while sitting is not working while standing as you may now have concluded. The opposite is working while seated or standing in varying positions or comfortable height.

The reason you have that backache is that you sit in the same posture all day every day while typing. If you are 5′ 4” your work-surface should be at the height of 24.5″ when seated and 41.3″ when working on a standing posture. However, you cannot have the working height that suits you if the desk and the chair you use have a fixed height that is not adjustable.

Each of us is different; some have long legs, some short ones. No one table or chair with fixed height can satisfy all our needs. What should you do to avoid these muscle pains, numb joints and tiredness? Should you work while standing? The truth is, working while standing all day is as bad as while sitting. In fact, it is more dangerous.

An ergonomic standing desk is adjustable and so allows you to change postures. This way, your body is not trapped in the same position every day. What this desk discourages is monotonous sitting. It is designed to make you sit less but move more while working. Its lowest height will still keep you up, even if not straight up.

The term ergonomics may be quite a mouthful for you because you are probably hearing it for the first time. It is a term coined for the practice of designing products to suit the emerging needs of the people who use them. For instance, the act of designing light racing shoes for athletes was ergonomic.

A standing desk was also designed to answer to the needs of people who have to sit most of the time. It allows them to change heights. You can raise it when you want to type while standing, or pull it low if necessary.

This way, your office work becomes enjoyable and you do not even notice the time running. What could be slowing you down now, making you under-deliver, could be the awkward, uncomfortable and monotonous sitting position you have accustomed yourself to. It is, as already pointed out, harmful to your health

Final Thought

Ergonomic standing table, if not used properly, could be another hazard. It works hand in hand with other factors.

Along with it, you should always make sure the computer is at eye level and about arm’s length from your body. This will help relieve stress from your neck.

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