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Physiotherapy is vital to an individual who is suffering and in pain because of an accident or illness. It is ideal for people who prefer non-drug related treatments. At Prime Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation Services, we have the best-qualified physiotherapists. We are available to provide home care physiotherapy to patients within Nairobi and its environs.

What is home care physiotherapy?

Our bodies are delicate and hence need extra care even after you have been discharged from the hospital. You can get the services of physiotherapy at our clinic, but home care physiotherapy involves the patient being in the environment that they are most comfortable.

This is usually the home or office of the patient. It is ideal for patients who are unable to move about freely. The treatment that is administered by our qualified physiotherapists usually enables you as the patient to adapt better in your environment.

Who qualifies for /uses home care physiotherapy

Maybe you are asking who needs to use home care physiotherapy. This home treatment is very beneficial to different age groups like

  • Children – Kids tend to respond better to people and new experiences in the environment they feel most comfortable with. If you have a child who is suffering from one disorder or another our home care physiotherapy will make sure that they get the health improvements that they need. Our physiotherapists will use things that they, such as toys or games to make them relaxed so that the treatment will be sufficient.
  • Elderly – If you have a senior person in your home, and they are unable to move because of illness, then you shouldn’t stress yourself. Our physiotherapists will come over and administer physiotherapy elderly growth to help them with all the aches and pains. We also strive to ensure that the home is safe for the patient and how to make it better for them.
  • Neurological patients – If you or your loved one has multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or stroke then home care physiotherapy will be ideal for since their movements will be limited. The familiar surroundings will help in adjust faster to the treatment.

Home care physiotherapy is also recommended for people who have recently been discharged from the hospital after having surgery. Usually, such people will see the value of physiotherapy when their bodies recover faster. It is essential for them to get this care. If they are unable to come to our outpatient’s clinics, then we are available to provide home care physiotherapy. The sooner the patient starts the treatment, the quicker they will get better.

What if I don’t qualify?

You may want or need the home care physiotherapy but be unable to get it. Many reasons can lead to this. You may not have enough money to cater for home care physiotherapy, and yet your medical insurance company feels like it is not needed hence fail to cover for it. If this is the case and you know that you genuinely need it, ask your doctor or physician to talk to the insurance company so that they can understand the importance of physiotherapy for the patient.

While you are having discussions with the insurance company, you can begin by carefully moving the sick person to our clinic where they can get the physiotherapy they need. Our professional physiotherapists will show you simple exercises that can be done at home to alleviate too much movement.

Maybe you just visited the country and are staying somewhere in a hotel for some days or weeks and need physiotherapy services. We may not be able to provide home care physiotherapy in that case, but you can readily visit our clinic and enjoy our services.

Is home care physiotherapy different from in-clinic?

The treatment that a patient receives when they opt for home care physiotherapy may not be very different, but when a person is in their comfort zone, the results are usually seen faster.

The patient’s mind and body relax better if they know that they are in a safe place. If one of our physiotherapists administers a massage, then the patient is likely to relax and sleep well if they are at home unlike if they were at the clinic and they have to figure out how to get back home. Having the sessions at home also helps because the patient will not strain themselves by trying to walk.

It is also a cheaper option, especially if the patient is suffering from a condition like a spinal injury. Such a person is supposed to be moved with a lot of care by professionals who will charge money to come to your home. If you are dealing with really older people, then they would prefer to have things done at their home.

How you will benefit from home physiotherapy

When a person gets injured in can make them go through a tough period in their life. The injuries incurred may cause both physical and mental trauma. This is where the person needs physiotherapy to facilitate a quick recovery. The treatment that we offer helps alleviate more suffering for the patient. The body is supposed to gain strength and mobility.

Some of the conditions that require home care physiotherapy to heal include:

  • Spinal injuries patients
  • Joint problems
  • Bone fractures and cracks
  • People who are suffering from neurological disorders
  • Children who have cerebral palsy
  • Injuries from sports
  • Post-surgery issues

It is vital for people with such cases to get home care physiotherapy because these kinds of injuries can get worse if the patient moves around a lot without proper care. When we come to your home, we usually inform you about the different techniques that we will use to treat the ailments.

Some of the techniques that we use include acupuncture, massage and muscle stretching. The patient will benefit from these treatments. Having home physiotherapy is convenient because:

  • It save time –Having physiotherapy at home will accelerate the healing process and save the time it takes to push through traffic as you travel to the clinic.
  • Supervision –when a patient gets treatment from home, the family can monitor the treatment progress better. It ensures that the patient is getting the appropriate treatment as well.
  • Cheaper –You will save money that you would have used in making sure that the patient has been safely transported to and from the hospital because an ambulance may be required for the movement in case the injuries are severe.
  • Personalized treatment – Choosing private physiotherapy in the comfort of your home means you’ll get an opportunity to share your problem in details with a professional physiotherapist. You may also coordinate with the expert based on your current condition.
  • Broader scope of treatment – Choosing home care physiotherapy may also increase the scope of the entire treatment process. Often, in a clinic setting, many patients are present and a physiotherapist may need to attend to all patients within a given time. However, by opting for physiotherapy care at your home will allow the physiotherapist to devote enough time and attention to you, which will enhance better recovery.

Is home care physiotherapy effective?

How effective is home care physiotherapy is a question that may be in your mind. The reason why people doubt the results is because they are used to paying dearly when it comes to treatments. A lot of people also believe in using fancy pieces of equipment for total healing to occur.

Since physiotherapy includes techniques that connect your mind and body, the patient tends to get total healing. What you may not know is that our physical therapists are well trained and fully equipped to help you get back to being healthy. The exercises that they will help you to do will bear fruits in due time if you are disciplined.

Think of your elderly grandparent who is in a wheelchair and barely goes anywhere.  If they are immobile for most of the day, then it can be very unhealthy for them. Getting a physiotherapist to come to the house to help them using natural treatments can help their bodies to adjust better.

If the physiotherapist gives them massages, their blood circulation will significantly improve.

Other home physiotherapy services that we offer

Other than offering home care physiotherapy, Prime Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services provides other quality services to promote the well being of our patients. These include:

  • Recommendations on the kind of tools and equipment you need – We will help asses and recommend the best devices that will aid the patient to get better faster. The devices that will be recommended will depend on factors like costs and even space. There is no need to buy a large machine, and yet there is no space for it in the home and hence end up not serving its purpose well.
  • We give lift and transfer training – As much as you may have one of our home care physiotherapists assisting the patient, it is essential that the other family members know how to do physiotherapy at home Such knowledge will enable the members to be fully involved in the recovery process. The family members will learn the dangers of certain items in the home and make it as safe as possible, especially when the patient regains their mobility.
  • Daily living management – Even though the family members are always willing to help the sick one, our staff will teach the patient how to be independent yet again. When the patient learns how to take care of themselves without causing any injuries to their bodies, then they will recover quicker.
  • Home exercise programs –These are exercises that the patient needs to do so that they can recover. The patient and family members learn activities that can be beneficial to the patient.

You should seriously consider getting home physiotherapy after going through an accident or prolonged illness. This will help you to avoid causing further damage to the body because of the movements that will take place when going for outpatient treatment.

The familiar surroundings at home plus the support of loved ones around can make a patient recover at a faster pace. Our competent physiotherapists are always willing to give their all when they are working with a patient for positive results.

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