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Coronavirus: How to Exercise While at Home

So, this is the new norm, “stay at home, save the world.” Homes are now becoming the modern workplaces, depots, and more enjoyable, gyms. But are you aware that you can exercise at home and remain as fit as you would have if you did it at the gym? Put on that tracksuit and journey with me as we explore how this can be made possible.

Physical exercise contributes a great deal to our health and well-being. For you to play that favorite sport or dance to that thrilling jam, training is critical. There are several ways of attaining this, including sufficient rest, proper nutrition, and vigorous physical exercise.

Now that gyms are a potential hotspot for the coronavirus, the latter would not be possible. But not all hope is lost. Homes can still serve this purpose perfectly. After all, keeping fit is one of the ways you can boost your immunity and reduce your chances of succumbing to this deadly respiratory virus.

Before we begin, here are some factors you should consider:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Identify equipment that can help you exercise in the house.
  3. Make standard precautions to protect yourself.

These are the essential prerequisites to get you started. We are now moving to the process and tips on how to exercise at home effectively. Don’t worry about the nagging kids, and the playful pets jump up and down the house. They can also be part of your home exercise and make it as thrilling as possible.

Basic Cardio Circuit Workout with no Equipment

A cardio workout is any exercise that gets your heart rate up. You do not require any sophisticated training or gym equipment to achieve this. The following home workouts can do the magic for you.

  • Walking faster around the compound
  • Pedal faster with your bicycle
  • Do some step aerobics with a video, or jump rope


To achieve the best out of this exercise, you can do this for four or five rounds, followed by some ample time of rest.

Let’s move on to the next element of training that you can perform at home entirely with no equipment.

Strength-Building Home Workouts

They enable you to develop resistance and develop some stamina – you know, like those muscle built weight lifters. Are you worried about the sophisticated gym equipment that you will need for this exercise? Worry no more, here are some home workout solutions for resistance:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Pulls
  • Front-of-leg
  • Back-of-leg
  • Lunges
  • Dip

You see, the list is endless. No specialized equipment needed. All you require is a flat, smooth surface and a comfortable mat. Space is not also a significant factor in this; your balcony can help you achieve this quickly.

You can also accomplish this using a weight bar, small dumbbells, bands, or tubing. Here are more home work out ideas for you.

Flexibility Movements at Home

Are you a dancer or sportsman and worried about your flexibility during the coronavirus stay at home period? You are in the right place. Here are some expert recommendations to improve your flexibility while at home:

  • Floor stretches
  • Yoga poses
  • Dancing
  • Neck pull
  • Meditation in motion (tai chi)

They are the most natural forms of exercise on the face of the earth. With a mat and some good music, you can exercise flexibility moves at home with ease.

A Cool Down Exercise

It is similar to the warm-up exercise and can be done at home quickly. A cool-down practice enables you to ease yourself out of strenuous activity. With this, you can promote blood flow and reduce the chances of causing stress to your heart and body muscles. You can do this at home through:

  • Light jogging
  • Walking
  • Using Butterfly Pose
  • The corpse pose

As simple as that! Your compound at home can be one of the best gyms you’ve neglected all these years.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube that you can use to facilitate the above home workouts. If that may be inconvenient for you, TV fitness Programs can help you achieve home exercises.

Top 20 Tips on How to Exercise at Home

  1. Schedule your workouts by having a plan so that they are regular for maximum results
  2. Have an exercise partner. We all need to have an accountability partner to keep us in check. It can be your spouse or children.
  3. Have a book where you can track your exercise progress. For instance, if you targeted to lose 5kgs in a month, have a weekly evaluation of the same.
  4. Have a healthy nutrition program. If this is difficult for you, you can consult your nutritionist for expert help.
  5. Settle on exercises that feature different areas of your body for a full-body workout in a relatively shorter time
  6. Go for swimming or a bike ride while bearing the social distance measures in mind
  7. Ensure that you break routine especially for those who are on self-isolation
  8. Make it a habit to start your exercises as early as possible to avoid distractions from children and other home activities
  9. Choose the length of your exercise
  10. Consult a professional instructor to prevent complications that may arise from irregular physical exercises
  11. Drink a lot of water as much as possible
  12. Have a designated exercise space that is open and conducive
  13. Memorize a few workouts
  14. Download recommended home workout apps
  15. Play some entertaining music to gear you up
  16. Challenge yourself to try new moves
  17. Do not skip exercises as this may inhibit results
  18. Have a gradual increase in intensity
  19. Be realistic with your workout plans and targets
  20. Clean and sanitize your work out equipment and surfaces. The WHO warns that the virus might stay on different surfaces for some hours. Thus the need for maintaining hygiene at all times.

Don’t let the isolation, quarantine, lockdown, or stay home measures render you unfit. Keep fit with the manageable and straightforward how to exercise at home tips.






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