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an image showing a person in chronic knee pain

What is Chronic Knee Pain and How to Deal with it

Chronic knee pain is prolonged pain in one or both knees. The knee may swell or develop sensitivity. Injury and medical conditions such as gout are some of the causes of chronic knee pain. The cause of the disease determines the symptoms. Self-care, physical therapy, and knee surgery are some ways that help to relieve knee pain.

What Causes Chronic Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be chronic or temporary. Chronic knee pain does not go away until you seek treatment, while temporary knee pain can disappear without treatment. In most cases, temporary pain arises due to an accident or injury, while chronic knee pain most often occurs due to more than one condition or causes.

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physiotherapy services

7 Ways Physiotherapy Services in Nairobi Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Physiotherapy is a healthcare approach that aims at restoring a person’s movement, function, and wellness in a holistic approach. It helps people, injured or not, to enhance their quality of life. When injured or in pain, people can undergo physiotherapy to get back to their everyday lives. This holistic approach can also help in preventing injuries or illnesses.

Through physiotherapy, patients can get optimal healing by improving their mobility, managing pain, and maintaining flexibility and balance. The practice can strengthen their muscles and speed up their healing processes.

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foods that speed up sports injury recovery

Top 9 Foods for Speedy Sports Injury Recovery

If you are a sportsperson, then you know how hard it is to avoid injuries. You also know how hard it is sometimes to recover from an injury. But like you are about to find out, there is a huge connection between how fast an injury heals and what you eat.

Before then, though, note that when it comes to sports, nutrition is everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to gain muscle, lose weight or, in this case, recover from an injury.

What you eat will have a direct impact on everything you do on and off the pitch. So what exactly should you eat to expedite your recovery?

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Why All You Need to Heal Could Be Ergonomic Standing Desk

Sitting all day is widely considered a privilege and a preserve for the educated folks. There is this unwritten rule that students study hard so that in future they will get white-collar jobs and will not have to sweat much to make a living.

All they will do is sit in a nice office, make phone calls, sign documents and work on the computer all day. As one witty writer once pointed out, a big man loves to sit down and get big.

You do not wish to be a factory worker, who bends a lot, lifts objects and walk up and down until the end of the shift.

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Why You Have Upper Back Pain on Left Side

Back pains have been on the rise in recent times. Physiotherapy clinics have reported increased cases of patients complaining of this condition. However, what causes upper back pain? Find out by scrolling down.

Various factors contribute to this pain. Some of them arise from our regular routines, which we tend to overlook.

Let’s look at the causes of pain on the left side of your upper back and what to look out for in identifying this pain. Keep your eyes peeled.

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What are Muscle Knots and How Do You Treat Them?

Now, this is not a new term for most of you reading this article. Once in a while, a friend might sigh, “Oh, I feel like I am all knotted up today!” Another one, an athlete from a long day of training, may also complain of this condition.

From workplaces and gyms to cyber cafés, this term is overly used. However, when most people experience a muscle knot, the first thing would be to rush to Google and type, “physical therapy near me” to seek help. But what is the gist of this condition?

In this article, we are going to explore all that, debunking every little detail and towards the end, offering expert advice from top physical therapists globally. So, stay put and keep your eyes peeled.

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