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7 Home Remedies for Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain is a common issue caused by both long term and short term problems. Mostly, a mild ache around the knee doesn’t require medical attention, and you can recover on your own. Various home remedies can help improve your comfort levels and manage the symptoms.

If the pain is severe, or the symptoms persist, it is crucial if you get medical attention for a full diagnosis.

Many people prefer purchasing over-the-counter drugs to relieve the discomfort, but what they don’t know is that these drugs may fail to give you complete knee pain relief.

Using home remedies does not only provide a natural and lasting relief, but you can ease the pain right from your home’s comfort using inexpensive means. Well, before we discuss the home remedies for knee pain, let’s understand some of its possible causes.

Causes of Painful Knee

Mostly, the condition is not caused by a severe health condition but can affect the quality of your life. Common causes of knee pain include;

  • Knee injuries: The knee joint is usually surrounded by ligaments, tendons, bones, fluid-filled sacs and cartilages. Severe damage to any of these structures can cause chronic pain. There are different knee injury types, and if the injury is too severe, you may need surgical procedure.
  • Overworked muscle: Often, pain can be as a result of overworking yourself, especially on your knees. Excessive walking after a period of inactivity can result in pain around your knees.
  • Being overweight: If you are overweight, your knees might no longer be able to withstand the extra weight, and this can lead to constant pain.
  • Arthritis: This refers to a condition that causes stiffness and inflammation in the joint areas. There are various types of arthritis which can affect your joints. Common causes of arthritis include genetic issues, abnormal metabolism and infections. In most cases, prescribed drugs help to relieve arthritis pain. You may combine home remedies with prescribed drugs for better knee pain relief.

Seven remedies for knee pain relief

1.    Massage your knee with the necessary oils

Gentle massage, especially on your kneecaps, can help you to get immediate knee pain relief. All you need is to use fingers and gently rub the area around your kneecap in a circular motion.

The massage can help you to relax the structures around your knee and release the built-up tension thus providing knee pain relief. To get more effective results, it is recommended that you visit a massage therapist.

2.    Cold and heat compress

Cold and heat compress can help to lessen the severe symptoms of the painful knee. However, the knee pain treatment you opt for depends on the type of pain that you are experiencing.

If you are experiencing inflammation, then it is wise to avoid heat compressors as it worsens the situation. Cold compress is best for sports injury, while heat therapy works best to relieve chronic pains such as arthritis.

3.    Ginger

Ginger extract, oil or raw ginger works excellent to relieve the pain. This household herb consists of a compound called gingerol, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. You can drink ginger tea twice daily for relief.

4.    Turmeric

Turmeric is a yellow powder ground from turmeric plant’s root. It features a variety of anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the modification of responses in your immune system.

There are various ways to use turmeric powder to treat your aching knee. For instance, you can mix turmeric with warm milk and drink it to help you relieve your knee pain.

Also, you can apply turmeric paste on your kneecaps for an effective recovery process. Remember that taking high doses of turmeric can be counter-productive to your recovery and lead to stomach upset.

5.    Exercise

It is challenging to begin exercise sessions when you have constant pain in the knee, but keep in mind that the more inactive you are, the more it can cause harm to your knees in the long run.

For you to exercise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you attend gym sessions; a 20 minutes’ jog or brisk walk can provide knee pain relief.

6.    Enroll in weight loss programs

As discussed above, one of the common causes of knee pain is being overweight; therefore, shedding some pounds can do wonders to reduce the pain.

You can subscribe to weight loss programs online to ensure their regularity. Reducing your weight can not only relieve you from the problem, but it has numerous health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and decreased risk of diabetes.

7.    Epsom salt

The Epsom salt has pain-relieving properties, such as sulfate and magnesium. This salt plays an essential role in getting rid of the inflammation in the affected area.

Among the effective ways to use the Epsom salt to relieve your knee pain is use of a soak bath. Its pain-relieving properties work better when they are added to your bath. The bath also helps to enhance blood circulation. Increased blood circulation can reduce the pain in your knee.

To make an Epsom salt bath, you need to add a full cup of Epsom salt in your bathtub. You can add essential oils also for a better effect. Ensure that you soak it for about thirty minutes.

This is perfect, especially after a busy day, as a form of stress-relieving therapy. Doing this once daily is enough to relieve your knee pain.

Now you know the top seven effective ways to cure the aching knee using home remedies. But you should take caution when taking any dietary supplement, as it is advised to talk to your doctor to avoid complications.

While numerous causes of knee pain can be well managed with home remedies, you may want to consider visiting a trained physical therapist if your aching persists. They can evaluate your condition to establish any underlying condition that should be addressed with physical therapy.

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