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Discover Pain-Free Movement and Improve Your Health

Prime Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services is a well-equipped physiotherapy clinic in Nairobi. We provide effective treatment to those illnesses that affect the normal movement of your body.

Some of the common conditions that our physiotherapy services in Nairobi focus on include:

  • Trauma
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Knee and ankle injuries
  • Chest and respiratory issues
  • Complications from a chronic sickness
  • Postural problems
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Women’s health
  • Heart disorders
  • Stroke

Physiotherapy services in Nairobi tailored to your needs

One patient may have sciatica while the other one may be experiencing knee pain. These two cases require different therapeutic approaches to ease the pain and enhance the patient’s movement.

At Prime Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services, we evaluate each patient separately before providing a treatment option that suits their specific condition. To achieve this, we’ve professionals who are trained to assess illnesses, injuries, and disorders in patients so they can recommend suitable physiotherapy treatment for you.

Other than offering personalized physiotherapy treatment, we also provide you with useful information to help you know what to do so you can live healthy and recover fast.

Diverse physiotherapy equipment to improve your strength, balance, mobility, and coordination

At Prime Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services, we know that the right equipment is essential for optimizing the road to your recovery, and for remaining fit once you recover. That’s precisely why we’ve a broad array of therapeutic appliances to help improve the health of our patients.

Because of distance, the doctor’s advice to have bed rest, or probably the severity of a patient’s condition, not all patients looking for physiotherapy services in Nairobi make it to our premises.

We understand this, and have physiotherapy equipment in Nairobi for your needs. The appliances we have include laser machine, wax bath machine, therapeutic ultra-sound machine, infra-red machine, shortwave machine, and more.

Therefore, if you’ve a loved one who needs physiotherapy provided at the comfort of your home, call us on so we can advise on the right equipment you can purchase for them, or better, our team can come to your location and offer our services.

Flexible appointments

Not sure what time you can visit our clinic for a physiotherapy session? We understand the busy schedule you have, and are able to arrange for a time that’s convenient for you.

Call us today at +254710939066, to book an appointment.




We work with professional physicians who evaluate your condition and collaborate with our physiotherapists to provide therapy that's tailored to your needs







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    Personalized Treatment
    You will receive treatment tailored to your individual needs
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    Think of a wellness SPA in a serene location
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    Practitioners Network
    We work closely with your health practitioners
    Experienced Staff
    Our therapists have years of experience, which is why you're in good hands
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    We help you set goals and monitor progress to success
    Whether your condition resulted from a sport, work, accident or otherwise, we are here to make you feel much better!

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