A. Antenatal exercises

We deliver individualized exercise prescription to ensure mothers are well prepared physically to go through pregnancy with strength as well as taking care of their backs so as to manage musculoskeletal disorders.
Aimed also to prevent pelvic discomfort from the effect of relaxin hormone that is produced during pregnancy and back ailment from the shift in centre of gravity.

Education is also emphasized to discourage posture abnormalities such as increased curve in the lower part of the spine and the tendency of rounded shoulder with chin poking forward.

B. Post natal exercises

We aim at correcting posture and emphasizing on strengthening the musculoskeletal system that had been subjected to pressure and had become weak as well as lengthening structures that had become tight and also taking care of your pelvic floor to prevent complication of:

  • Incontinence
  • Diastalsis recti
  • Pregnancy predisposed low back pain
  • Floppy Tammy

C. Exercise after casearean section

We understand that CS is a special consideration but changes due to pregnancy are the same as to anyone who would have delivered through CS.
We aim at proving individualized quality care to this group of women in ensuring their strength and fitness as their scar heal.