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About Us

 Our aim is to provide you with quality services at affordable prices. We aim at restorative therapy to make mobility possible, reduce pain, and enhance good general health.


At Prime Physiotherapy, we are a friendly team of professionals dedicated to providing our clients with personalized and focused service regardless of their background. We have a team of dedicated, well-trained and experienced physiotherapists committed to helping you with a solution to your problems. We rely on evidence-based physiotherapy practices to address the issues that inhibit your well-being.

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We offer various services to deliver the best evidence-based physiotherapy outcomes from a representative care to a participatory patient view.

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Our Services

Because we endeavor to give a new lease of life to the clients who seek our services, we have left nothing to chance. We continue to offer a wide range of effective physiotherapy services to our esteemed clients aimed at restoring full health. These include:

Home-based Physiotherapy

Not all patients may be in a position to access our clinics. This may result from chronic illnesses or for patients recovering from surgery. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the hustle of moving from your home to our clinic. Our professionals will come to where you are. We will evaluate your condition and offer a suitable treatment package. You will enjoy our services right in the comfort of your home..

Geriatric {elderly} care and rehabilitation

Ageing is blissful, and it comes with wisdom. However, in some cases, it has its share side of setbacks. When it knocks, you may have to deal with complications associated with ageing. Among the conditions that the elderly deal with include osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, among others. You may not have the experience to deal with such conditions when left with them.

We have adequate facilities where you can leave your relatives and enjoy your peace of mind. Our package includes accommodation and meals in a serene environment perfect for the elderly. This assures you that they are safe and in good hands thanks to our team of qualified and experienced personnel. You will not need to interrupt your prime life to care for them or postpone that holiday vacation just because you have your parents around. We will handle that for you as you enjoy your holiday. Our team will offer therapy services aimed at:

  • Pain reduction
  • Improved sensation
  • Promoting independence through exercise
  • Physical strength and balance
  • Promoting brain health through training
  • This package also caters for patients travelling from far. You don’t have to worry about accommodating them in your house. This may at times lead to discomfort and unnecessary family conflicts. At prime Physiotherapy, we understand this too well. Our Karen Centre will offer the patient excellent accommodation facilities as they continue receiving treatment. They will also enjoy sumptuous meals while with us. You don’t have to worry about transport. We go out of our way o take care of such logistics for you.


    We will work to help restore and improve your independence. However, once you complete your treatment, we always give you a comprehensive guide on self-care. Our focus is to ensure you gain full recovery and forget about the pain. Our team will guide you on simple and practical exercises you can use while home to achieve full recovery and maintain your health. Some of the practical self-care approaches include

    • Hot water bottles
    • Cold compressors
    • Exercise among others

    Our team will guide you on how to use the self-care approach based on your condition. We go further to follow up your progress until you gain full recover.

    Therapeutic Exercises

    No matter the condition of the patient, staying immobile can only worsen the situation. There is a need for the movement now and then to fire up the body and improve blood circulation. An active body, no matter how weak, responds fast to remedial measures.

    After the physiotherapists have evaluated the patient, they then design an exercise program that can aid in recovery. The knowledge of biochemical and immunological reactions that our personnel gather from the patient are in handy to guide. Furthermore, the use of human science exercise physiology, anatomy and kinesiology are other vital guidelines.

    Gym and Wellness Program

    The importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasized. Through our Wellness Program, we have invested in a wide range of modern gym equipment to be utilized for the physical wellness. Our interactive and qualified trainers are always around to guide the patients through exercise sessions. There are also aerobic classes by our trainers. The classes are conducted in serene settings and are aimed at developing cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Programs for the obese and the overweight are also included in the package.

    Manual Therapy

    Treating neuro-musculoskeletal disorders need more than exercise to restore optimal motion. With the manual therapy, hands are used to assess, mobilize, diagnose and treat the disease. We have also invested in modern traction machines for cervical, lumber and lumbosacral regions. We also have qualified and educative staff to guide you through the manual traction technique. This technique can be used at home to alleviate discomfort.


    Physiotherapy Equipment

    We have assembled high quality therapeutic appliances for health improvement. We provide our clients with these. We have on sale original physiotherapy machines like Tens, Therapeutic Ultra Sound Machine, Wax Bath Machine, Infra-red Machine, Laser Machine, and Shortwave Machine.

    When you depart our center, it’s our hope you will not return to seek similar care, but to bring another patient to share your experience.

    Contact us now for a touch of personalized and extensive physiotherapy package.